Barron & Tessa

Barron & Tessa

Barron & Tessa



Their Story

"You know when you just know?"

“I’ve been going to the island since I was a baby,” Tessa says. “My parents got married there in 1988, exactly 30 years ago. It has always been my happy place. I would have never imagined that one day the island would introduce me to the love of my life.” But it did—three days after the ball dropped to ring in 2016, Tessa and Barron ran into each other at a cabaret-style restaurant, Le Ti. “Laying eyes on Barron for the first time was so surreal, like a dream,” she recalls. The two connected—amidst all the loud music, conversation, and dancing—and at the end of the night, Barron took Tessa’s hand and said, “‘You know when you just know?’”

Amor in Motion was the best investment we could have made for our wedding. The team was so professional, charismatic and personable. Not only do we have footage documenting the best day of our life, but we have a proper film, shot beautifully by true artists – a permanent portrayal of the love we share – to one day show our children, and our children’s children, and so on… What more could we ask for? Thank you Amor in Motion for this priceless gift. We are forever grateful.


"You were the light when I was lost"

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